WAR in PAPUA and NEW GUINEA - 1941-1946


HQ 1st Australian Army requested ANGAU (Australian and New Guinea Administative Unit) to provide a guide to work with patrols in the BUKA district.
The best man available for this purpose in Anthony JOSSTEN, whose father was Danish and his mother was a New Ireland native woman.
He has been a resident for a long period in the BUKA district in the employ of a chinese trader.
After the Japanese landing he spent nine months attached to Major REID of ANGAU in a watching post near BUKA. He was then evacuated to GUADALCANAL by submarine and was employed by the US Forces to make a recce of TOROKINA prior to the landing. He had a thorough knowledge of native dialects and was fearless in patrol activities. He was Medically fit A1, aged 25 and from the security point of view, quite suitable for the job.
It was realised that it would have been improper to have used JOSSTEN as a civilian in patrols in enemy territory as he would have no combatant rights and would not be entitled to take up arms against the Japanese. As through ack of knowledge he had been used in this capacity and had been in action against the Japanese, it was then desired to regularise his position.

In the circumstances and in view of the urgent need for information on dispositions in the KIETA area, it was requested that authority be obtained under Regulation 11 of the National Security (Supplementary) Regulations for his enlistment. In view also of the requirements of his services at an early date it was requested that the normal recruit training be dispensed with in this case. It was recommended that the HQ be authorised to enlist JOSSTEN in the Pacific Island Regiment and be posted to A Company New Guinea Infantry Battalion in the BUKA area. He could then be detached for duty as required.

P513 Pte Anthony JOSSTEN HQ Pacific Island Regiment and attached to 31/51 Infantry Battalion - Died of an Illness at 118 Australian General Hospital, Rabaul, New Britain on Tuesday, 14 May 1946, Aged 25 and is buried in Bita Paka Cemetery, Rabaul, New Britain; Grave No: W.A.3. He was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) in the Civilian Class for Outstanding Courage on Bougainville between Oct 1944 to Mar 1945. The medal was fowarded posthumously to a friend of his - Robert PITT of the Marist Mission in Sydney, NSW. He was born on 24 Dec 1920 at Namatanai, New Ireland in the territory of New Guinea.


The Australian Units of MAROUBRA FORCE who fought the Japanese on the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua in July 1942.

30th INFANTRY BRIGADE  (MILITIA) - Comprising -
39th Infantry Militia Battalion - Commanded by Lt Col William Taylor OWEN.
1st Papuan Infantry Battalion. (30 Officers and 280 men) and
53rd Infantry Militia Battalion
They held the Japanese back until the AIF arrived in the form of the 21st INFANTRY BRIGADE of 7th Australian Division Comprising -
2/14th Infantry Battalion (under the command of VX148 Lt Col Arthur Samuel KEY who was later captured by the Japanese and last seen in Rabaul where he was presumed dead 10 Sep 1942)
2/16th Infantry Battalion, AIF.
2/27th Infantry Battalion, AIF.
and later the 3rd Infantry Militia Battalion. (the third battalion of the 30 Infantry Brigade)

The 25th INFANTRY BRIGADE - comprising
2/25th Infantry Battalion AIF.
2/31st Infantry Battalion AIF. and
2/33rd Infantry Battalion AIF.

The Units of the Imperial Japanese Army that met the Australian Soldiers on the Battlefield of KOKODA in July 1942 on the Owen Stanley Range Campaign were -

NANKAI Detachment; General Officer Commanding - Major General HORII, Tomitaro. Killed in Action about Nov 1942.
YOKOHAMA Advance Unit - (landed BUNA 22 July 1942)
15th Independant Engineer Regiment - Commanded by - Colonel YOKOHAMA, Yosuke.
1 Battalion, 144th Infantry Regiment - Commanded by - LtCol TSUKAMOTO, Hatsuo; Acting Regimental Commander Oct 1942; Wounded; Replaced by Colonel YASHIDA, Dec 1942.
5th Company, 2nd Battalion, 144th Infantry Regiment.
1st Battery, 55th Mountain Artillery Regiment - Commanded by Lt HAMADA, Sadahiko/Hiromi - referred to as Captain attached 1st Battalion HQ 55th Mountain Artillery Regiment - April 1943.
2nd Battery, 47th Field Anti-Aircraft Battalion - Commanded by - Lt NAKASHIMA, Yukio.
Sasebo 5th SNLP (2 Companys)- Commanded by - Commander TSUKIOKA, Toroshige; Killed in Action, Salamaua - 30 Jun 1943.
15th Naval Pioneer Unit - Commanded by - Major FUKUCHI, Shosa or Giichi ??.

1st and 2nd Eschelons (landed BUNA 29 July 1942, 13th Aug and 18th Aug 1942)

HQ 144th Infantry Regiment - Commmanded by - LtCol KUSUNOSE, Masao. Returned to Japan Nov 1942 and Replaced by Colonel YAMAMOTO, Shigemi or Shigandri or Shigeru ?? Reported Killed in Action - Jan 1943.


Of the original 546 members of the 2/14th Infantry Battalion who started out four weeks previously only 3 Officers and 85 other ranks marched out. The rest were either dead, wounded, sick or missing.


Commander - TX2050 Maj Gen Cyril CLOWES
UNITS included -
55th Australian Infantry Battalion (Militia) - (Replaced before the Battle began.)
US Airfield Construction Troops.
7th Australian Militia Brigade commanded by Brig John FIELD -
Comprising - 9th Australian Infantry Battalion; 25th Australian Infantry Battalion and 61st Australian Infantry Battalion (Cameron Highlanders)
and 18th Australian Infantry Brigade (AIF) - commanded by NX7 Brigadier George WOOTTEN
Comprising - 2/9 Australian Infantry Battalion; 2/10th Australian Infantry Battalion and 2/12th Australian Infantry Battalion.
RAAF Units - 75th and 76th (Kittyhawk) Squadrons.


Supreme Commander - Nov 1942; Major General ODA , Kensahu.
Commander - GONA Area - Nov 1942; LtCol TOMITA, Sadayoshi.
Commander BUNA Area - Nov 1942; Major General ODA or OTA??, Kensahu.
Commander BUNA Area - Dec 1942; Major General YAMAGATA, Tsuyuo (?)
Commander SANANANDA Area - Nov 1942; Colonel YOKOYAMA, Yosuke.

Reinforcements for following units probably landed ex Arizona Maru early Nov 1942:
38th Battalion, Independent Motor Transport Company.
47th Field Anti-Aircraft Battery.
15th Independent Engineer Regiment.
144th Infantry Regiment.
HQ Nankai Detachment.
55th Engineer Regiment.
4th Independent Engineer Company.
1st Company, 1st Battalion, 228 Infantry Regiment, 38th Division; landed 1st/2nd Nov 1942.

GONA AREA - Commander Lieutenant Colonel TOMITA, Sadyoshi. (committed suicide Jan 1943).
Detachments from 41st and 144th Infantry Regiments.
14th Billeting Unit.

BUNA AREA - Commander Major General ODA or OTA ??- Relieved Major General HORII, Dec 1942 (Killed in Action - Jan 1943).
3rd Battalion, 229 Infantry Regiment.
Main Force Yokosuka 5th SNLP. Captain YASUDA, Yoshitatsu (Reported Killed in Action BUNA Jan 1943 but later references to a Col YASUDA suggested he was not killed).
Detachment 47th Field Anti-Aircraft Battalion.

SANANDA (Soputa Road) - Commander - Colonel YOKOYAMA, Yosuke. (Commander of Markham construction Unit Jun 1943 awaiting retirement Aug 1943)
1st Battalion and detachments of 2nd and 3rd Batalions, 144th Infantry Regiment.
HQ 41st Infantry Regiment and remnants. (Colonel YAZAWA, Kiyomi - Died 3 Feb 1943); New Commander - SUMITANI, Takeyoshi.
15th Independent Engineer Regiment.
A Battalion from 55th Mountain Artillery Regiment.
Detachment 47th Field Anti-Aircraft Battalion.
106th Land Duties Unit - 1st Lieutenant MIYAZOTO, Buno or Fumio??.
120th Land Duties Unit - Lieutenant GOTO.
Detachment Sasebo 5 SNLP.

Advanced Escelon 21st Independent Mixed Brigade - probably landed 1-2 Dec 1942.
3 Battalion, 170th Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Major IWASAKI, Tsunezo/Kozo (Killed).

21st Independent Mixed Brigade - landed 12th/13th Dec 1942.
HQ 21st Independent Mixed Brigade - Commaned by Major General YAMAGATA, Tsuyuo, transferred to Chief of Military Affairs Department, 53rd Division - Aug 1943; Acting Commander Aug 1943 - LtCol TSUKAMOTO.
1st Battalion, 170th Infantry Regiment - commanded by Lieutenant Colonel NOJIRI, Yuyi. (Reported Killed in Action)
Engineer Unit - Commanded by Captain ISHIKAWA, Masamichi. (Returned to Rabaul Aug 1943).
Field hospital - Commanded by Major Miyamoto, Saburo.
Brigade Command Unit - Commanded by Captain DOI, Masasuki.

3rd Troop (less one part and 1 Rapid Firing Gun Squad of 55th Cavalry Regiment (Kawashima Cavalry Regiment).
19th Independent Engineer Regiment (1 Company) - Commanded by 1st Lieut KITAJIMA, Yoshihiro.
1 Platoon, 88th Independent Wireless Signal Company;
4th Independent Radio Platoon;
7th Independent Radio Platoon - commanded by Lieutenant IIZUKA.
45th Fixed Radio Unit.
17th Road Construction Company.
4th Independent Engineer Company - Commanded by NAKAJIMA (Nakashima), Masao.
A part of 67th Line of Communications Hospital - Commanded by 1st Lieutenant OKUBO.
A part of 55th Division Water Supply and Purification Unit.
A part of 55th Division Vetinarian Depot.
40th Water Duties Company - Commanded by 1st Lieutenant SUZUKI, Kiyoshi.
15th Naval Billeting Unit - Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Fukuichi.
105th Sea Duty Company (Part)


Commanding Officer - Major General OKABE, Toru (Jan - Mar 1943) and Lt Gen NAKANO, Hidemitsu (from Mar 1943)

51st DIVISION:- OKABE Detachment: landed LAE 7 Jan 1943. Moved to SALAMAUA 11-17 Jan 1943.
HQ 51st Infantry Group - Commanded by Maj Gen OKABE, Toru. (Evacuated May 1943) New Commander - MUROYA or MUROTANI ?, Tadaichi or Chiichi. (Commander - SALAMAUA Defences; Evacuated - Sep 1943)
HQ 102nd Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Colonel MARUOKA, Yasuhei of Kahei. (In command forward operations WAU - Jan 1943) Relieved by Colonel HORI, Keijiro - Jun 1943. Colonel MARUOKA returned to Japan.
1st Battalion, 102nd Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Maj SHIMOMURA, Kikutaro. (Relieved by - Maj NUMANA or IRIMANO, Kiyoski - May 1943)
2nd Battalion, 102nd Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Lt Col SEKI, Seisaku or Shosaki?? (Killed in Action - Jan 1943) Succeeded by Major SERIKAWA, Hanzo.
3rd Battalion, 102nd Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Major RAKAMURA, Tsunehito; Relieved by Major OBA, Itsusaburo or Itsuro - Jun 1943.
2nd Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Regiment - Commanded by Major MORIKAMI of MORIUYE, Taichi or Denichi; Relieved by Capt TSUKAHARA, Koicha - Jun 1943.
3rd Company, 51st Engineer Regiment - Commanded by 1Lt KITAMURA, Heihachiro. (Killed in Action - Mar 1943)
3rd Company, 51st Transport Regiment - Commanded by Capt OTSUKA, Toshikazu.
Detachment 51st Division Signals; Platoon Signal Regiment.
2nd Field Hospital (51st Division) and Casualty Collecting Unit - Commanded by Major HOMMA, Hirose.
29th Field Pom-Pom Company - Commanded by 1Lt YOKOYAMA, Yasutami or Yasume or Yasushi??
2nd Company, 50th Field Anti-Aircraft Battalion and Aerodrome Battalion.
Detachment of Mortars
144th Infantry Regiment Reinforcements.

SECOND ECHELON - 1-3 Mar Convoy.
HQ 51st Division - Commanded by Lt Gen NAKANO, Hidemitsu. (Evacuated from LAE Jan 1944).
115th Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Colonel MATSUI, Takayoski.
14th Field Artillery Regiment (HQ and 3rd Bn) Commanded by LtCol WATANABE, Sukenobu or Isamu of Sayuki or Sukeyuki ??
51st Engineer Regiment (Main Strength) - Commanded by LtCol YANAGIDA, Teizo Sadazo.
51st Signal Regiment (Main Strength) - Commanded by Capt KOIKUMI, Shigeru.
3rd Field Hospital, 51st Division - Commanded by Major SAHEKI, Masanoshin.
21st IMB Artillery Unit - Commanded by LtCol TAKAHASKI, Rokuro. (Killed in Action, Battle of Bismark Sea) Succeeded by - Lt Col TONEGAWA, Isamu?
50th Field Anti-Aircraft Battalion (less 2nd Battery) - Commanded by Lt Col OHARA, Jiro.
3rd Company, 5th Shipping Engineer Regiment and 8th Shipping Engineer Regiment - Commanded by Colonel KOIKA, Yoshio.
3rd Debarkation Unit - Commanded by Lt Col ASAO, Tokimasa.
22nd Aerodrome Battalion - Commanded by AMAGUCHI.
HQ 18th Army (Portion only)
15th Independent Engineer Regiment. (Elements)

3rd ECHELON - 66th Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Colonel ARAKI, Katsutoshi plus remainder of Divsion Troops.

HQ 7 Base - Commanded by Rear Admiral FUJITA, Ruitaro, Tametaro or Risaburi??.
81st Guard Unit - Commanded by MIZUSAKI, Shojiro.
82nd Guard Unit - Commanded by Lt Comdr MIYAYA, Yoshinobu (also Commander of MAIZARU 2 SNLP) Relieved by Capt UGAI, Ken - Dec 1942.
MAIZURA 2 SNLP - Commanded by Lt Comdr MIYATA, Yoshinobu (also Commander of 82nd Guard Unit) Relieved by Capt UGAI, Ken - Dec 1942.
SASEBO 5 SNLP - Commanded by Commander TSUKIOKA, Toroshige - Killed in Action SALAMAUA about 30 Jun 1943. Replaced by TAKEUCHI, Shizuka, Commander at FINSCHHAFEN - Sep 1943.
1st Battalion, 80th Infantry Regiment (July 1943) - Commanded by Capt KANNO, Otoichi. (Wounded) Promoted Major. Relieved by Major SHINTANI, Shigetoshi - Aug 1943.
3rd Battalion, 238th Infantry Regiment (Aug 1943) - Commanded by LtCol SAGATA, Toshio. Relieved by KAMISAKA - Dec 1943.
5th Company (Part); 6th Company; and 2nd Machine Gun Company of 2nd Battalion, 238th Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Major TASHIRO, Shigeru.
3rd Battalion, 21 Infantry Regiment - Commanded by Major TAKAHASHI, Sadao.
2nd Battery, 5th Medium Artillery Battalion.
Elememts of 3rd Company, 51st Reconnaissance Regiment.
30th Independent Engineer Regiment - Commanded by Lt Col MURAI, Shijiro.
6th and 7th Independent Engineer Company.
3rd Telecommunication Regiment (part 85th Communication Unit) - Commanded by Sub Lt TAJIMA, Kazuo.
15th Field Machine Cannon Company - Commanded by 1Lt URIU, Seiichi.
20th Field Machine Cannon Company (part) - Commanded by 1Lt UMEYAMA, Eitaro.
25th Field Macine Cannon Company - Commanded by Capt TACHIBANA, Hideichi or Bujiro.
29th Field Machine Cannon Company - Commanded by 1Lt YOKOYAMA, Yasutami, Yasume or Yasushi.
23rd Anti-Aircraft Unit (Elements)
24th Water Purifying Unit (Part).
1st Platoon, 40th Sea Duty Company - Commanded by Lt SUZUKI, Kiyoski.
Remnants of 21st IMB, 41st and 144th Infantry Regiments plus other elements of NANKAI SHITAI.

DECLARATION to END Hostilities against GERMANY - WORLD WAR 2.


It is hereby notified that, without prejudiced to allied agreements and declarations regarding control of machinery for Germany and to the determination of questions, the settlement of which must await the conclusion of a Treaty of Peace, the formal state of war with Germany is terminated as from twelve noon on the nineth day of July 1951.
The Australian Government reserves the right to retain any money or property subject to control by virtue of Trading with the Enemy legislation or Enemy Property legislation or in the custody of any Prize court. However, since 1st June 1949 no obstacle has under that legislation been in the way of resumption of full commercial and finacial dealings between persons in Australia and persons in Germany or the acquisition of property not then subject to control, and this position remains unaltered.
Contracts entered into before the war between persons in Australia and persons in Germany also remain subject to Trading with the Enemy legislationand Enemy Property legislation, but no obstacles have been or will be raised under that legislation in connexion with contracts entered into on or after the 1st June 1949.
The Australian Government also reserves the right to obtain satisfaction for its claims and the claims on its citizens arising out of the state of war.


Minister of State for External Affairs.

Australian Army Unit War Diaries - World War 2.

Australian Unit War Diaries.



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